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El Xupet Negre


Born in Barcelona in 1989. He was already one of the first in the world bombing his own logo.
Logoart... one step more in the art history and a new style into the graffiti scene. It's a logo. People do understand and remember it much better than a tag.
Influences... my family, the art of all times, the graphic design and all the kind of information around... traffic signs, brands and ads.
1991. All the places are full of Black Dummies and he people start wondering who paint that logo and what it means.
1993. It was the time to appear in the magazines and in TV. Quickly arrives everywhere in Spain and after in France, Holland, Germany, Morocco and even in USA (LA & SF).
1998. Start to paint and sell pictures (wood and canvas). In the last years he still tagging, but his priority work is painting OLD BIG WALLS (in the downtown, roads, main streets) if it is with permission, much better.

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