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Image of Spider by Robert Roman

Spider by Robert Roman

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Nacido en Granollers en 1983, actualmente reside en Barcelona. Es diplomado en Diseño gráfico y tiene un master en Ilustración. En el terreno profesional para mantener al margen su identidad como artista urbano, utiliza la firma Herokid™. Pertenece a Mixed Media, un grupo formado por artistas de distintas disciplinas artísticas (Aryz, Grito, Kikx, Poseydón…). Mixed Media se caracteriza por pintar murales de grandes superficies con ayuda de palos extensores, pintura plástica y spray.

Born in Granollers in 1983, now living in Barcelona. Graduated in graphic design, he later studied a master’s degree in illustration. As a profesional, to differentiate from his urban artist face, he uses the signature Herokid™. He belongs to Mixed Media, a crew of multidisciplinary artists (Aryz, Grito, Kikx, Poseydón…). Mixed Media is known for mural painting on huge surfaces using sticks, paint and spray.

Designed and printed in Barcelona since 2010

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